Why the 2024 Ford Edge Continues to Top Consumer Reports’ List

A couple walking back to their brand-new red 2024 Ford Edge.

The Ford Edge has consistently captured attention in the automotive world, and its latest accolades from Consumer Reports further solidify its reputation. The 2024 Ford Edge stands out as a crossover that marries affordability with superior performance. Priced under $40,000, this American-made SUV is not only fuel-efficient and reliable but also outperforms competitors like the Chevy Blazer. 

Reliability and Efficiency at the Core

In a market where the mid-size crossover and SUV category is fiercely competitive, the 2024 Ford Edge remains a top choice among families and utility users alike. Its appeal lies in its dual ability to comfortably transport small families and their gear, and serve as a robust vehicle for everyday use and leisure activities like tailgating. The balance between functionality and leisure utility makes the Ford Edge a versatile choice for a broad audience. 

A brand-new silver 2024 Ford Edge in a city setting.

Consumer Reports' High Praise

Consumer Reports has a long-standing history of testing and evaluating vehicles rigorously. Their criteria include not just reliability and fuel efficiency, but also road performance and safety features. The Ford Edge’s consistent appearance on this list underscores its performance across these critical areas. The latest model continues to impress with its road handling, safety features, and overall driving experience, which Consumer Reports describes as “pleasant and well-rounded,” likening it to more upscale SUVs due to its superior driving dynamics and quiet cabin. 



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